CREDIT Features

CREDIT Features

CREDIT© is a stand-alone system for all aspects of clinical trials management with additional modules available for investigational drug inventory management, Institutional Review Board (IRB) administration, and biospecimen management.

Highlights of its functionality include:

Manages massive amounts of data from patient registration to compliance to cost.

Robust reports capabilities that are “user configurable,” literally allowing an unlimited number of customized reports as well as the commonly utilized “standard” reports for clinical trials data management and administrative functions.

Compatible with National Cancer Institute required reports and online data submission.

Incorporates a library of over 3,000 oncology research base study schemas as well as 500+ protocols for the cardiovascular and emergency medicine fields.  These can be easily downloaded from the DDOTS web site into CREDIT©.   This feature is unique to CREDIT© and, therefore, of great significance for cancer research programs nationwide.

Web-hosting service that ensures HIPAA compliance for transmitted and stored data.

Complete tracking of Institutional Review Board (IRB) review dates and actions for all protocols and subsequent addenda and revisions, with notification of all patients affected by a protocol revision or review.

Comprehensive financials module includes invoicing, payment allocation, billing compliance, and financial analysis to probe and determine the financial “health” of each study.

Can be customized to only display and capture the schema events required by each institution with nearly 300 data elements available for individualizing software needs.

A more detailed description of CREDIT© offers insight into the robust capabilities of this clinical trials management system.

Partnering With Users

CREDIT© was developed and continues as a collaborative effort between DDOTS and its member health care institutions that conduct major clinical trials programs.   It is of significance that our customers or users are really “members” of a dynamic DDOTS organization.  CREDIT© was created with a vision of utilizing a process of software design that not only facilitated a powerful initial program, but one that would allow ongoing improvement and exponential growth based upon practical need.  We have surpassed our goal in this regard, with members submitting numerous suggestions for updates and additional functional capabilities on an ongoing basis.   Our DDOTS IT staff work continuously to incorporate the requested program elements,  releasing new updates every 14 days.  This is what truly makes CREDIT© unique and relevant in today’s fast-paced and increasingly complex field of clinical trials – everyone shares in “best practice.”

Oncology Clinical Trials Expertise

CREDIT© had its origin in oncology and continues today as the premiere web-based software for community cancer clinical trials programs supported by the National Cancer Institute  (e.g., CCOPs).  It was developed with funding through Phase I and Phase II cooperative agreements from the NCI.   

Of particular importance to CREDIT© users is the fact that DDOTS has collaborated with the National Cancer Institute to ensure that all required reports can be easily transmitted with one click of a mouse.   The following text has been extracted from the NCI’s online accrual report page:

NCI Credit File Upload

The NCI site takes the data from your file and automatically populates all of the data forms, saving immeasurable amounts of staff time and effort.

In addition,  DDOTS has replicated the exact format of each NCI report form so that hard copies are readily available and may be included in any documents required by the NCI – from progress reports to grant submissions.

A Strategic Product Focus

DDOTS takes a broad, dynamic approach to ongoing software development, recognizing the importance of meeting current – and often expanding -- standards for clinical trials data management and implementation elements.  That is why CREDIT© is relevant to a broad spectrum of users, from health care systems to pharmaceutical companies and physicians in private practice.   Our constant communication with user “members” facilitates our ability to remain current with regard to clinical trials research, forming the basis for innovative yet practical product design.

DDOTS monitors grant application and program requirements for federal funding, working with applicants to ensure that required data can be easily extracted from their CREDIT© database.   For example, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) is transitioning its community clinical oncology program (CCOP) to one that expands clinical trials to include both health disparities research and cancer care delivery research.  The NCI Community Oncology Research Program – or NCORP –integrates existing community-based networks into a single community oncology program.   DDOTS is paying close attention to the NCI’s description of the “Research Portfolio Management System” detailed for NCORP programs.

Clinical trials programs that conduct pharmaceutical or industry-sponsored research must be able to collect various data elements specific to  private industry, and DDOTS collaborates to assure that CREDIT© incorporates the capabilities that entail minimal effort to document compliance.

Recognizing the need for (and difficulty obtaining) external funding, CREDIT© has the ability to compile all data required to support grant applications (e.g., race and ethnicity tracking, quality and costs, cancer disparities research), easing the time-consuming and burdensome grant preparation process.

Monitoring Clinical Trials Program Quality

In the world of clinical research, the ability to affirm strict compliance with protocols and pristine data quality is critical.  The CREDIT© system allows users to track adherence to protocol requirements each and every step of the way from patient conformity with treatment plans to required regulatory (IRB) notifications (e.g., reconsent).   Individual schedules are developed for each patient, automatically adjusting for treatment delays.   Monitoring of timely data submissions is simple, eliminating queries from research sponsors.   

The ability to monitor quality is endless.   Your CREDIT© database can be utilized to access a myriad of data for just about any QI projects you design, from determining time from patient diagnosis to treatment or improving the billing process for study-related tests.