Our easily customizable system lets you securely track patients, generate reports, and manage funds, so you have more time to accrue patients for your studies.

For Clinical Trial Research Management

CREDIT© clinical trials management system (CTMS) is the complete web-based software for management of all aspects of clinical trials.

For Investigational Pharmacy Management

IDEA© is a comprehensive Web-based program for all aspects of investigational drug inventory management and dispensing.

For Institutional Review Board Management

IRBANA© is a comprehensive Web-based data management system for Institutional Review Boards (IRBs).

For BioSpecimen Management

BIOSPEC© is a web-based biospecimen inventory management system for all programs involved in the establishment and management of bio-repositories.

A Few Words from our Clients

  • "CREDIT has really been a life saver for managing our numerous protocols, especially in this heightened regulatory environment with local holds versus national holds under the CHRP guidance. I give thanks every day to have the CREDIT system in place here at CCHS to help us manage our protocols."

    Mary Lue Palladino, Christiana Care: Newark DE
  • "I have to say that CREDIT's customer service is impeccable!!!! It is practically instantaneous that I get help results and a 'thank you!!' "

    Catherine Meza, Roper St. Francis: Charleston SC
  • "I just did my 12 month submission on the CCOP website...it was amazingly easy!!!"

    Beth LaVasseur, Michigan Cancer Research Consortium: Ann Arbor MI
  • "You really do ROCK, I have worked for MBMC for a long time and have never had such great customer service."

    Mary Dierker, Missouri Baptist Cancer Center: St. Louis MO
  • "Your system is Awesome!"

    Christiana Nyren, Nevada Cancer Research Foundation: Las Vegas NV
  • "Using IRBANA, I was able to pull together an entire meeting agenda by MYSELF. I was able to produce a clean, perfect agenda, which assigned numbers to all the items. IRBANA and CREDIT have the tools we need."

    Janet Leary-Prowse, Christiana Care: Wilmington DE
  • "The support you provide, ability to walk clients through a process and updates based on the clients needs is commendable."

    Sharon Hiemenz, Cancer Centers of Florida: Leesburg FL
  • "You are improving CREDIT reports faster than I can keep up. Your responsiveness is so exceptional."

    Jane Hajovsky, Colorado Cancer Research Program: Denver CO
  • "WOW! I have to tell you again, Carrie, you and Steve are the very best vendors and trainers I have ever experienced."

    Pat Stokes, Cancer Research of the Ozarks: Springfield MO
  • "I love this DDOTS system. I can't tell you how much time and effort this saves for us. It does the job just as we need it!"

    Mary Husby, St. Mary's Duluth Clinic: Duluth MN
  • "DDOTS provides excellent service to their customers, find ways to develop just what you need at your facility, and am most impressed by the user support they provide on a continuing basis."

    Angela Nordstrom, Roger Maris Cancer Center: Fargo ND
  • "The folks at DDOTS have exceeded my expectations, time and time again. Their prompt responses to my many questions as I have made my way into the research world have not gone unnoticed…. The customer service of DDOTS is quite refreshing in this chaotic 21st century."

    Catherine S. Meza, Roper St. Francis Cancer Center: Charlston SC
  • "…very responsive to our suggestions to enhancements to the CREDIT program. A real time saver in preparing NCI CCOP reports!"

    Karen Packard, Atlanta Regional CCOP: Atlanta GA
  • "CREDIT has helped us consolidate our previously difficult to access patient data. Tech support is always available ASAP and that has helped us enormously. The program is very user friendly and detailed reports can be run in an instant. We even keep study chair questions and answers in a notefield that can be easily accessed from anyone’s computer… CREDIT helps us stay on track with both the trials and the patients."

    Melissa Shene, Duluth CCOP: Duluth MN
  • "I was new to CREDIT when I started my position as a CRA. Since then we have put CREDIT into action and it is working out wonderfully. We have had a few things come up that either needed a tweak here or an additional table added or magic performed (at least magic in our eyes!). The positive manor in which the help and support is given goes into my record books! So far our list of troubles has always been cleared up. I just want to say thank you to all of those in the foreground and the background."

    Kerstin Leighland, Big Sky Oncology: Great Falls MT
  • "We ‘adopted’ CREDIT and IRBANA in June of 2005… After reviewing several other software products, we chose DDOTS… support staff were there every step of learning… whenever we had a problem, they responded almost immediately. It saves us time, and makes reports and statistical information much easier."

    Jo Capotosti, McLeod Health: Florence SC
  • "The Feist-Weiller Cancer Center Clinical Research Team continues to be impressed with the quality and availability of support for CREDIT…. Always respond promptly to our e-mail and phone questions, and take the time to walk us patiently through every step to solve our problems. I have never worked with any organization or provider that provides such personal and quality support, and is so open to the customers suggestions to improve the product."

    Sharon Hiemenz, Louisiana State University Health: Shreveport LA
  • "The response to suggestions on ways to improve the website has been phenomenal. My own comments and suggestions have been listened to and many have been implemented. If I need support help, I know that I can call at any time."

    Bonnie Harkins, California Cancer Center: Fresno CA
Our software developer, Kevin
Just what exactly is never-ending support?!
Our systems are "collaborative projects" so there's no limit or expiration date on the amount of support we provide.