Top reasons to share data between a CTMS and EHR

Reasons to consider an interface between your research CTMS and EHR

Healthcare providers are increasingly being required to use multiple electronic systems to manage different aspects of patient care. This results in more time spent on data entry added to an already-full day.

As technology advances, so do opportunities for systems to communicate with each other. HL7 (or Health Level 7) interface is an integration engine built specifically for the healthcare industry using a standard messaging protocol to share data between systems.

Research sites that utilize an institution EHR for patient management, and also use a Clinical Trials Management System, can benefit from an HL7 interface between the two systems to share data. Benefits incude:

  • Decreased staff workload for data entry.
  • Reduced chance for duplicate records.
  • Increased data accuracy and consistency.
  • Improved communication.
  • Increased patient safety.

CREDIT clinical trials management system from DDOTS offers a configurable HL7 interface that can work with any EHR. Contact us for more information.

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